Жена металлиста: в правой руке лолли-поп, а в левой - "коза".)
Посткроссинг такой посткроссинг)

Отправила эрмитажную открытку в США, в ответ получила вот такое сообщение:

«Greetings from USA and Los Angeles, California!
I visited the Hermitage in 1969 (and then Leningrad) when I was a college student. We had very strict rules as visitors, but I do remember how friendly the people we met were (we had to do it secretly as we were not supposed to talk to anyone besides our guide). I still have a little pin from a stranger I met. They were just as curious about us as we were of them.

Странная была у нас страна, да. Любопытная такая, на людей в музее приезжали тайком посмотреть.